Order# 10001 (Update: 11/23/2018)

Updated: Mar 19

As soon as I received the order, I started making the bowl right away!

It came out really nice!!

Now I have to let it dry for the next 3-5 days, depends on the humidity and weather.

I'm expecting it to be done drying by Friday...

The next kiln firing will be Friday, Nov. 16.


Your item is now in the kiln!!

It will come out from the kiln 24hours later...!


It came out from the kiln last night and I underglazed(colored) it!

I started 12hour-kiln session and it will come out from the kiln tomorrow, Nov. 19.

I will glaze it as soon as it comes out.

Next firing will be in a couple days.


The bowl has been shipped on November 23!

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