Making A Poop House

Yes, I made a perfect giant poop.

This is gonna be a great hideout for hamsters and other small animals!

Look how perfect it is! lol

I also made a wing for it.

Yeah, it can fly!!

And the next day,

I woke up earlier than Chili.

Idk why, she was so tired even after 8am.

She kept falling asleep until 9am lol.

I guess it's because I was working on the poop until late.

A week later when it was completely bone dry, I fired it along with color testing tiles.

I got so many new glazes and I need to see samples!!

I'm so excited to play with new colors >_<!

Dun dun!!

Came out very nice!

After playing with some new glazes, I'm gonna work on making the mold of this poop house!

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