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Video Diptych

Updated: Feb 23, 2020

For this project, I worked on Sony Vegas Pro 10.0 because I’ve been using this program often to edit videos I recorded. Since there is a limit of time for this project, I had to focus on the time limit from each scene.

The first thing I did was making a storyline. I drew sketches on a piece of paper to brainstorm ideas. I had put a checkmark on each scene on the sketch every time when I recorded, so I could see which scene I had to work on next. I had to record each scene multiple times until it looks perfect. While I was editing the video, I also had to edit the background music to make it fit in.

This video is showing the comparison between emailing and mailing. On the left side, it is showing a person using his laptop to email with a picture attached to it. The right side is showing a person who is mailing out the letter he wrote. My little brother is acting in my direction in this video.

This is my favorite project that I’ve done for Fall Semester 2012. I worried about if I could finish this project well done before I start working on it because I had no idea how to record the video since my brother was refusing to be the model. But then the video came out really good, better than I expected. I actually enjoyed myself editing the video.


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