This is the unfortunate one that has a crack on the egg white... It happened during the final firing and cannot be fixed.. :(. The crack is very visible at the bottom, but it looks okay on the top. As long as you don't flip it, it looks normal..lol
Please check the last two photos as reference.



Sunny-Side Up Egg Hideout - Hamster House, Aquarium Decoration, Fish Tank Deco


It's a perfect house for small animals, such as hamster, gerbil, reptile, etc. It is totally waterproof, so it is perfectly fine to be used as a decoration for your fish tank! 

The house is made by the slip casting technique from the handmade plaster mould, fired in the kiln for about 16hours (up to 1945 Fahrenheit), underglaze fired in the kiln for about 8hours (up to 1888 Fahrenheit), and then glazed again in the kiln for 8hours (up to 1828 Fahrenheit). 
It is very sturdy, so our tiny chewers won't be able to destroy it! It is the perfect size for both dwarf hamsters and Syrian hamsters (most likely very roomy for dwarfs). 


It is 100% handmade ceramic hideout from scratch, so the color and shape may slightly different from the photo.


Size (approximately):

Height - 3.15in (8cm) 

Length - 7.68in (19.5cm) 

Width - 6.89in (17.5cm)


Weight (approximately): 0.7lbs



Please read the details on the 'MADE TO ORDER' and the 'Care Instruction'


Sunny-Side Up Egg Hideout (THE UNFORTUNATE ONE)

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  • It is 100% ceramic piece that's been fired and glazed in the kiln at the extremely high temperature. You can wash it with water and soap (make sure you rinse it thoroughly if you are using soap).
    It needs to be handled with care. Do not drop it on the floor. It will shatter everywhere in small pieces and its sharp edges might cause the major cut on your skin.  

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