A Deer Got Some Money -2-

December 15, 2015

 First of all,

I was going to upload posts each day, or everytime when I go further.

However, it was the end of the semester, which means,,, it was 'the hell week.' lol

I had to rush everything..!!


When I found a wooden block that perfectly fits in between the chair legs,

i felt so great. 


 Here is the deer, ready to be colored!!


 I used the gold paste thing on the antler as well


this deer got some money!!!



 1st coat


 2nd coat


I was planning to use laquer paint, but i found out all my laquer paints are dried .. =_=

So I thought of using acrylic to color the deer, which I really hate to do.

But then I realized that I have a bunch of enamel paints my friend gave me!!!

God, he totally saved my life lol.


 Coloring took me forever...

Since I've been trying to rush through everything, 

I could not wait 4hours to get this enamel paint dry...

This is why I hate enamel paint.

It has to be fully dried to do the second layer.

I'm not a patient person especially when the due day is the next day. And it was totally messed it up and I had to fix everything, which took a longer time.



Well, I fixed him.

It was horrible before lol. 


YAY now he got antlers!!!!!!!!


 I used epoxy to make the hook stays on the arm stronger.


Here he is!!!!!!!!! All done!!!!!

I was really happy that I finished him so nicely. 


 And here is his little tiny tail lol.



 Oh, and here is the throne!!






 And for the human-skin-carpet, I had to use the head from one of my old figurines because I was trying to finish this project ASAP! The gallery show was the next day lol.














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