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Lucy J. Park



Lucy Park is from South Korea. She came to the US when she was thirteen years old, in 2003. She discovered her talent of creating and drawing in her early age.. She has done various crafts and produced great works creatively to gain knowledge and artistic techniques. She usually deals with nature as a theme and tries to talk about how beautiful and powerful it is.Sometimes her work presents tragedies and global issues, such as social, plitical, and environmental problems, aiming to show the causes and how they have negative effects on the target. She also loves to make fantasy imageries, collaborating nature and human figure with some types of clay, such as air-dry clay and sculpey. She believes art is another language in humankind. She creates her art to communicate with viewers visually and to develop a bond of sympathy. She started her career as an artist in the Junior Exhibition in Delaware Art Museum in 2006. When she was a senior in high school in 2009, she was selected for a mural painting on the school building in Thomas McKean High School, Wilmington, DE. During the college year in University of Delaware, she was accepted to the internship as an assistant in the Ceramic Studio. 


Summary for people who don't like reading: She makes a lot of things with various mediums

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