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[Paper Nano] Kaminarimon

Updated: Feb 23, 2020

This thing is really fun to do in my spare time.

I gotta get more of these soon!!!

시간떼우기 매우 좋은 놀이감임.

아무래도 더 사야겠음!

I made Kaminarion this time.

It's one of the well-known Japanese architecture, I think.

이번엔 카미나리몬을 만듬.

일본에서 유명한 건축물이라함.

These little tiny figures are sculptures in the building.

이것들이 빌딩 안에 있는 조각상이라함.

like this lol.


This one is tougher than Sagrada Familia, which I did previously.

전에 만든거보다 좀 더 어려운듯함.

And here is the finished one!!

This one took me about 4 hours, which is less hour than what I expected.

다 만듬.

대략 4시간정도 걸림.

생각보다 시간을 덜 잡아먹음.

I just loveee how detail it is!!!!

이 정교함을 보아라.

This is the back of the building.


Look how tiny it is!

The height is about the same size as my finger!! (my hands are super tiny, just to let you know lol)

엄청 쪼매남.

세로 길이가 내 손가락만함.

참고로 본인손은 매우 작음.

And here is the video of the process of how it's being built.



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