Making Master Mold

Since my first Kaonashi(No-Face) hideout mold is getting old already due to many uses, I'm making another plaster mold.

Then I was thinking "I don't feel like making mold every time I need a new one. This is just taking too much time."

SO! I decided to make da master mold..!!

After making this new plaster mold of Kaonashi hideout, I had to coat the whole surface with soap for easy release from the silicone mold.

This is 1:1 soap to water solution in my SAK-SOON Bakery bottle I used for the pudding I make lol. I don't make puddings anymore :(

Generously coated the plaster mold with the soap solution twice. And let it dry overnight.

If you drop water on it, the plaster mold wouldn't absorb water. That means the mold is ready for the next step.

I used my cottle boards for this process. I've seen other people using new wooden planks and drilled into each other to make a box for the silicone mold. I also should have done that...(you will see why I'm saying this later).

This silicone thing is very expansive -cries inside- but it's good to have the master mold for the long run.

There was a little leak at the one bottom corner, but I blocked it right away with the clay.