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Master Mold Complete!

This is my second time making the master mold.

I learned my lesson from the previous master mold. I made it without the wooden board , so when I pour plaster in it, it pushes the side walls and the plaster mold becomes distorted. It's not a big deal for the No-Face hideout mold, but I think having wooden boards is necessary for other molds that has more than two parts.

People usually use some thick wooden panels and screw them together. But since I already have thin wooden panel laying around in the garage, I decided to do this in my own special way instead of buying new woods.

There's 0.5" gap in between the prototype mold and the wooden board.

I just taped all the corners to secure them lol.

Thankfully there was no disaster during this process.

Pouring always makes me nervous because there's always some leak going on.

And then I used some fabric to attach it to the wooden board.

Yes, this process takes longer time than just screwing wooden panels. But like I said, I didn't wanna waste these thin wooden panels that I already have.

I used the glue and staples to attach the fabric.

Nice and neat!

I used self adhesive strips to hold it together.

And the master mold can get separated from the wooden board easily.

I really like this master mold!

I poured plaster into this new master mold and it came out without any distortion!

I might use this method for my future master molds because it comes very convenient that I don't need to use any screws every time I produce the plaster mold.

It looks really nice too ;D


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