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15 Designs

Updated: Feb 23, 2020

I created a series of 15 designs that metaphorically communicate specific topics using Fundamental Elements and Principles of Design. Each design is attached on 6″x9″ Bristol board paper. Topics of this design are Emergence of Identity, Friendship, Mass Media, Devil’s Advocate, Prejudice, Blended Families, Child Care, Handicapped, Injury, Leisure Time, Crisis of Values, Abortion, Curiosity, Love, and Divorcement.

The object I used for this design project is a mandarin. I used intermediate colors which are red-orange, yellow-orange, and yellow-green. I sketched the feature of the mandarin with textures before I start to design. I also took a note on the description of how it looks and how it tastes.

While I was working on designing, I tried to make it look as simple as possible. I focussed on the repetition and use of geometric shapes for the most part of each design. I used organic lines to give them some motion to the image.


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