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April 1st Ceramic Working Progress

As of now, I have many things going on in the studio.

I'm trying to work on multiple stuff at once. It's a little chaotic but I'm having so much fun!

This is some brief sketch of taiyaki spoon/chopstick rest and a positive potato lol.

I know it's random but I've been wanting to make them xD

I love working in front of the window. This spot has a cozy vibe lol.

And here's my taiyaki spoon/chopstick rest!

Looking nice xD

This positive potation came out cuter than the sketch from above.

I'm gonna make a lot more of these!

I got 6 inflamed fingers from working with contaminated clay.

I reclaimed the clay from the slip that's been sitting in water for years( yes, I forgot about it for many years lol) and it was smelly.

I thought it would be okay to use despite the sewage smell because visually, it appeared to be fine and had a very soft texture that was suitable for working on the wheel.

This was the cup I made with that contaminated clay.

It got out of the kiln perfectly fine from the bisque firing.

I think you can still use the contaminated clay because all the bacteria and organic matter in the clay are burned out in the kiln. However, if you have any cuts on your hands, it's better to cover them up while working with clay.

Since I still don't trust this contaminated clay and hate it, I had to discard all of the slip.

I learned my lesson the hard way.

I had to use gloves to cover up the wounds every time I went to the shower or washed my hands.

I went to the urgent care, but they didn't admit me because they don't take my insurance :')

I googled how to treat my infected fingers, and Google God advised me to avoid water and take antibiotics. It finally started to heal, and it took over a week to fully recover.

Well, I saved my $50 from the urgent care lol.

Infection is very dangerous, so it's better to go see a doctor, everyone!

frog fary

I also made these frog fairies (❁º◡º❁)

They are so cute already lol

frog fairy miniature figurine

They are very smol, too! (´・ω・`)

ceramic hamster miniature figurine

Tiny hamsters are coming back as well!

They sold out so quickly last time but I have not made them in a while.

ceramic frog faries

I'm gonna make more of these for the next kiln firing.

ceramic testing tiles for glaze

Since I'm planning to do more cone 6 firings, I have to do glaze tests for all the glazes I have!

I made less than what I actually need (༎ຶ _」 ༎ຶ ) ...

I guess I can't simply count the number lol

The kiln is fully loaded!

It would have been perfect if only I had made the correct number of testing tiles....ಥ‿ಥ

I'm making this turtle cup with porcelain this time!

I just want to experiment something with the new mid-fire glazes I got last week.


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