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Llama(or Alpaca) Mug / Plant Pot Making 2

This week was very busy for me.

I was trying to make hideouts that are out of stock while making these new cups.

I spent so much time glazing these pieces. I had to work at night time Dx.

I was trying out this white glaze for the first time, and no wonder why Amaco discontinued this product ~_~..

I thought I glazed it enough but there were many spots that it didn't cover.

You can't really see the spots in this photo, but it's very ugly.

This is me trying to reglaze to fix the problem.

Rest in pizza.

I'm not crying.

Goodbye, 1 gallon of my new white glaze.

I won't see you ever again.

So I decided to use my original glazes and they came out nicely.

I used china paint to add details to the face.

Look how cute it is!

Rest in pizza again.


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