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Lady with the Dead Ermine

Updated: Feb 23, 2020

So I've been working on a series of paintings for the project from the Advanced Painting class.

Size of the canvas is 18 x 24 inches,

and of course, it is painted with oil.

I can't deal with acrylic anymore ever since I tasted the oil paint.

I used to love acrylic and was like 'the master of acrylic' when I was in high school lol.

So most of my professors told me to work on the whole thing at once,

not just focus on one spot and finish it..

But I really don't like that method,,

It's just.... not my thing ~_~..

I do go back to some points to fix stuff, tho..


My studio mates are working next to me ;D

They are awesome painters!

Anddddddd here is the finished work!!

God, it's so strong and powerful!!

DO NOT wear a fur coat, people!!!

or I will make you look like the dead ermine in the painting...

I've watched a video of the process of how people make a fur coat...

It was the most horrible thing I've ever watched.

So, people just hit their heads with a hammer to knock it down.

That's right, they don't kill them.

Once they knocked down, people start to peel their skin off,,,

and I could see that they were still breathing..............

The video doesn't show how they get the rabbit fur,

but in that video, all I could hear was rabbits screaming in fear and pain in the dark.

it was sooooooooooooooooo horrible..

How could people do such a thing like this for their own good!?!?!? :(

I cried so much while I was watching that video.... :'(

Poor animals are getting suffered by humans...

Therefore, I wanted to describe animals' fear and pain to let people know about this horrifying stuffs.

I'm currently working on another painting that goes along with this painting.

It will be done by this week.... hopefully lol..

or next week for sure.

Here is my one of my little hammies xD!

Her name is Almond ;DDD

She's my favorite hammy in the world!

Check out some videos of Almond on my youtube channel.

The URL is located somewhere on my website.

She always makes that dumb face xD!

but actually, she is soooo smart and cute!!!

She's the smartest hammy I've ever seen!


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