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About to work on a sculpture (or figurine)

YES, fianllyyyyy the time has came...!!!

Well, since I'm working on the series of paintings (the topic is ''animal rights'), I'm thinking of making a sculputre that goes along with the theme.... I'm gonna prepare for my work space at home. It's gonna be one spooky corner of the basement where spiders and all those scary bugs come out everyday... but I have no choice... That is the only space I can make.... I've been avoiding that one little spot, but I reallized that I gotta accept the destiny... Hopefully I can start working on it this week.!!

And alsooooo, I'm gonna record everything as I work on, so you will be watching all the progress and how things build up!! Oh god it sounds so exciting!!!

한쿡말로 쓰기 귀찮음.

중요한거 아니니 그냥 넘어가도록 합시다.


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