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Made a Canvas!

Updated: Feb 23, 2020

i made a huge canvas (5 x 4 ft) today! My dad almost died from cutting woods lol. It's my first time making a huge canvas!! These woods were rock hard and took us forever to cut them. My arms are killing me right now o_e. I have to bring it to my studio in school, but I don't know if it's gonna fit in the car o_e..

오늘 대빵 큰 캔버스를 직접 만듬.

파파몬 나무자르다가 힘들어 죽을뻔함.

왜냐하면 이게 압축나무였기에,

그 사실도 모르고 이걸 사왔으니 ;ㅁ;ㅋㅋ

본인도 죽을뻔함 ㅠㅠ.

These woods are not just woods. They are sooooooooo hard to cut lol. Unfortunately, I don't have the fancy miter saw at home.... So it was all done by hands lol.

나무와 엄청난 전쟁 후 남겨진 잔재들.

힘으로 이걸 잘랐다는게 믿기기 힘듬.

In this picture, my dad is trying to make holes on each piece to attach them.

파파몬이 조립하기위해 구멍을 뚫으려 하는중. 근데 구멍뚫는것도 힘듬 ㅡㅅㅡ..

It took me an hour to stretch the canvas...

캔버스 붙이는데만 한시간 넘게걸림.

my hands were burning... and staples couldn't go all the way down through the wood bc, as I said earlier, it's not just normal wood. The wood was raised by a legendary carpenter who lived for around 2000years.

손아파 죽을것같음.

스테이플이 단단한 나무를 뚫지 못함.

이 나무는 2천년전 전설의 나무꾼이 직접 손수 기른 나무와도 같은 단단함을 가지고 있음.

This took me almost an hour to gesso the whole thing.

젯소칠만 한시간 걸림.

It's.... sooo big...... It will take me forever to paint on this canvas.... I guess it's gonna be my last painting of the semester lolol. But I guarantee that the painting will be magical and awesome.


저 멀리 올라가서 사진을 찍어야했음.

이것을 본인의 마지막 작품이 될거임.

엄청나고도 엄청나게 멋진 작품이 나올거라 예상됨.


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