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Galaxy Pro Buds Pro & Galaxy Buds Live Unboxing and Review

Since everyone is using wireless earphones, I decided to get one for myself as well. You know, following the trend lol.

I was comparing Galaxy Buds Pro and Buds Live for the whole week and I couldn't decide which one to buy. So I bought both of them lol.

Let's not think about the money for a while. Let's just enjoy what we got for now!

Buds Pro is the latest product of the Galaxy Buds series.

I love this purple color!

It comes with a charging wire and two sets of extra tips in different sizes.

Buds Live looks different from other Galaxy Buds models.

It comes with a charging wire and a set of the bigger tips which I will never use.

Buds Live has this unique design. They look like beans or kidneys.

Both the cases and sizes are the same. It's very small and handy!

(I forgot to take pictures of Buds Pro ~_~)

Galaxy Buds Pro:

It goes all the way into your ears and gives amazing and dynamic sound quality. It blocks off all the noise from the outside world; the noise-canceling works great. The downside is that it comes off easily when I walk outside. It doesn't stay in my ears securely. Plus, because it goes wider outside, it feels like they are stretching my ear holes and it hurts after a while. It comes further out from the ear, so I can't really lay down sideways because the earphone gets in the way of the pillow. Definitely not using it in bed lol.

The noise-canceling system is amazing as I said above. There's an option where you can choose to stop the NC automatically when you talk. But this is a little bit sensitive. When I do some light coughs or say Hmm Ehem, the NC stops and lowers the volume of the music lol.

Galaxy Buds Live:

I don't know how to explain but it feels like the earphone is 'hanging' on my ear, but it feels much secure and won't fall out easily. It doesn't come out much from the ear, so I can lay down sideways in bed and still feel comfortable lol. The sound quality is also great but can't beat Buds Pro. The base sounds really awesome. Because it doesn't go all the way into the ear, it feels like I'm listening to the music at the concert. There's a huge downside with this Buds live. You gotta treat it as if it doesn't come with the noise-canceling at all. But that's not a big deal for me since I don't really go to loud places. It's actually easier for me to have a conversation with the earphone on.

I got a cute case for my Live. I ordered it a month ago and it finally arrived today lol.


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