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Growing My Own Bean Sprouts At Home

Updated: Jan 6, 2021

I always buy bean sprouts from Asian markets but they go bad so quickly and it's very wasteful.

Plus I don't wanna go out just to get these bean sprouts during this Corona outbreak.

So I decided to grow my own bean sprouts every week.

It usually takes just about a week for them to get fully grown.

I got some mung beans and soaked them overnight.

On the other container, I poked holes on the flat surface for water to go through.

And then placed a net (you can use onion nets) and laid it inside of the container.

And then I laid some paper towels to hold moist.

Then I poured those beans I soaked overnight.

And then poured water to let everything get soaked.

I covered the top with the other container.

Make sure there's no light going into the container!

Once those bean sprouts see the light, they will turn into green and it's not gonna be edible.