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A Lady with Raccoon Fur Wrap

Updated: Feb 23, 2020

Just like the previous painting, I started up with the face and the hand from the original painting called "A Lady in Fur Wrap" by El Greco.

The canvas is 18 x 24 inches.

While I was painting, one of my studio mates mentioned that it seems like the woman in my previous painting is staring at the woman that I'm working on.

So I decided to make it a sister painting of the first one.

I had a difficult time painting the bloody flesh of two raccoons because I had no idea how their muscles are formed. I had to look up some anatomy photographs of animals and studied their body structure to make it more detailed.

And here it is!!!!!

A woman ripping off the raccoon's skin!!!

I applied some gold paste for the background.

I used it more than the first painting to make it look rich.

I will probably go back to the hand part and retouch some fur.

The raccoon on the left is looking at himself getting skinned. On one of the videos I watched, people hammered raccoon's head to put them in faint and then just peeled their skin off while they are still breathing. The most horrifying moment was that the raccoon woke up in the middle of the process and looked at himself getting skinned. I cried so much at that moment :(

They are so related to each other!!

It looks like they are competing against each other to show off that they got better fur.

Something like this: "I got the better fur, bish. I gotz some money."


Actually, I finished this painting a couple of weeks ago.

I was just being so lazy to upload this post here D;!!!

Anyways, I'm moving onto the next painting!

More excitement!!!!


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