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Updated: Feb 23, 2020

This piece is inspired by my old painting called “Hart.”

I had some experience in mixing two different glazes for the surface of rib-cage and it turned out really successful. The result came out so much better than what I expected!!

I had a hard time underglaze the heart part to not to touch the other surface other than itself. I gave it some glowing effect to give energy and power into the heart.

This is the original painting I did a few years ago.

It was my very first painting class in the University of Delaware, which was 'Intro. to paint'

I believe I finished this painting in a short period of time because we didn't get much time to work on.

And here is the glazing part.

I've never done any glazing in ceramic class so intense.

I was so passionate while I was working on it (maybe it's because this piece was going to be in my exhibition lol).

I honestly never liked glazing, so I used to use other mediums, such as oil paint, to color ceramics.

But now,,, I fell in love with it!!!

Mixing glaze is so fun!!

especially when I get to test out new glaze I mixed!

It's... so.... precious....!!!!!

When I saw it for the first time when it came out from the kiln,

I screamed with joy and happiness lol.

It came out sooooo perfect!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And here is my little hammy, Tofu.

She's so cute and little,,,

but she is a big biter! lol

She bites off everything in front of her, even my hands lol.

I saw blood coming out from my hand several times because of her ~_~..


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