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Visiting Sysco

Updated: Feb 23, 2020

My and my fellow were invited by our friend to this heavenly place called 'Sysco.'

We went there just to


Yes, that is the only reason we visited.

We go anywhere if there's free food to eat !! >;D

친구가 지 일하는 곳에 초대함.

나와 내 동지는


그러함, 우리는 먹을것이 있는 곳이라면 어디든지 감.

That's our dear friend who invited us.

Look at those deliciously long and thick and beautiful crab legs...!

Unfortunately, there wasn't any sample to try out those crab legs :(

저것은 우리를 초대해준 친구님임.

길고 굵고 아름다운 저 게다리를 보아라.

안타깝게도 게다리는 샘플을 안내놓음 ㅠㅠ.

This is like heaven.

이곳은 천국이요.


I was on a diet, so I couldn't eat,,,

well, I tried so hard not to eat poisonous food.

it was like torture.

If I could go there now, I would take the whole dish and eat them all.


본인은 이때 다이어트중이었음..

본인은 너무나도 괴로웠음...

지금 갔음 다이어트고뭐고 다 먹었을거임...


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