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I Got Into a New Internship!

Updated: Feb 23, 2020

HERE I AM at the intern place I got into just now!

It's an hour away from my house, but very painful to drive ;o.

I was an hour late on my first day because I took wrong exits 3 times and I was totally lost in the middle of nowhere lol.

This is a pic of the entrance, or stairway of the building.

본인 인턴들어감.

본인을 받아줌.

운전해서 한시간 거리지만 아주 심각하게 미친듯이 나쁘진 않은듯함.

The whole stairway is filled up with ceramic stuff and colorful tiles.

복도/층계 전체가 도자기와 타일로 구성되어있음.

매우 환성적인 공간임.

I heard these are students' works.

학생들이 만든것들이라 함.

People who take classes here make super amazing stuff!

I can't work on the wheel like this


I majored in

fine art.


본인은 전공이 순수미술이지만

이 분들처럼 멋있게 만들지 못함 ㅠㅠㅠ

바보같이 ㅠㅠㅠ

도자기는 너무 어려워 ㅠ

This is the third floor, where I work.

All I do here are

cleaning the whole floor, load/unload kilns and prep studio..

cleaning is not a fun part o_e


3층이 본인이 일하는곳임.


모든것을 쓸고 닦고

가마에 굽고 빼내고...


This is the hand-building classroom.

yeah, I had to place all chairs on the table upside down and whipped down tables super clean.

여기선 손으로 만드는 작품들만 만드는 곳.

본인이 열심히 닦고 의자도 다 올려놓음.

This is one of the wheel rooms.

I like the one I used in school.. ._.

That was easier to clean than this type of wheel, in my opinion.

도자기 만드는 클레스중 하나.

So many ceramic bowls!!

They are super neat and nicely done.

진짜 다들 엄청 이쁘고 깔끔하게 만듬.

학교에 있을때보다 더 멋진 작품들을 볼 수 있음 ㅡㅅㅡ ㅋㅋ.

I was loading this kiln on my first day, under the guidance of one of the workers.

Look how beautiful they are!

I just wanna ...

I just


take them home and use them for my dinner..!!!!

첫날엔 가마를 구웠음.

진짜 볼때마다 도자기들이 너무 멋짐..!!!

Poor chickens.. :'(

I'm sorry chickens :(((

But you are so delicious...!!


불쌍한 치킨들 ㅠㅠㅠ

하지만 그대들은

너무나도 맛있지 ㅠㅠㅠㅠ

미안해 ㅠㅠㅠㅠ

#school #ceramic


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