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Working on the mold

Updated: Feb 23, 2020

I'm finally working with the mold I made on May 18, 2015, for the Spring semester.

The process of making this mold took me almost half a semester,,, and my professor almost got pissed off at me.

She told me to give up every time when I failed =_=.. which was not very nice of her, discouraging an impassioned student like that =_= !

This is the first legit plaster mold I've ever made in my life.

I can't even put this in word to express my feeling when I finally finished making mold completely,,,

the night before its due day -DUN DUN DUN-.

Man, that semester was like a nightmare....

Every time when I see pictures below, I still can feel the pain and distress I had to suffer D';

2015년 5월 18일, 학기 내내 만든 석고틀을 이제서야 쓰게됨.

본인이 실패할때마다 교수님은 나에게 포기하라 했지.

벗BUT 난 포기하지 않았지.

본인 완전 빡쳤었음.

열정과 끈기로 열심히 작업하고있는 우수 학생에게 포기하라고 하다니..-부들부들-

쨋든, 학기 마지막 날 바로 전밤까지 진짜 죽을똥하며 완성한 석고틀임 ㅠ


this picture is mentally hurting me.


이 사진들을 볼때마다 내 마음은 찢어지고

스트레스가 쌓이지 ㅠ

and here is the picture of happiness and joy!!!

고통과 시련끝엔 언제나 행복이 기다리고 있는법!


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