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Updated: Dec 31, 2019

Long time no see!

I'm sorry for the long pause.

I'm gonna be talking about what's been happening recently in a min.

This is after giving muscle on each part.

This doll is gonna be very glamorous.

I still have all the files I used a long time ago for my doll making.

I pulled them out from a pile of dust and reused them.

This is back of the upper body before filing.

I covered her butt because it's embarrassing lol xD!

I filed just a little and it already looks very neat!

This was the very last picture right before the long pause....




The day after taking this pic, I got into a car accident D;!!!

I've never got into any accident for the past 5~6years.

It was my first accident and, thankfully, it wasn't a serious accident.

I really wanted to to quit my current job, so I started going to the new nail salon place and was getting trained.

I already have a nail tech license but they wanted to train me more since I haven't worked for so long.

After the 2 weeks of training, I got into an accident on my way to the nail salon.

I had this huge headache but I was so eager to get trained (I hate my current job that much lol).

And this happened...

I honestly don't like working at nail salon either and it was the reason why I had to quit my first nail salon job. I have this weird feeling that keeps reminding me that this is not what I wanna do.

I took this accident as a sign from god, telling me to quit this nail salon job, too lol.

After the accident, I took my car to the body shop

and they washed my car with the ultimate powerful power washer

and all the decals on my car washed off lolol xDD!!!

I got the same decals I had before and put them again.

Ever since I quit the job at the nail salon, I told myself that I must do something that I love to do.

I decided to do something that I would enjoy and make money at the same time.

I planned A LOT of things and researched A LOT for my career.

I also have been studying for the past 2-3 weeks.

I spent all my money on art supplies and machines as an investment for my studio.

The huge box in this picture is one of my investment lol.

I bought the cheapest one that works decent (it's still very expensive). :')

Opening up the box...!!!

This is....!!!

A pottery wheel!!!

I bought it to make stuff faster and easier other than making cups and bowls.



I've never imagined myself having a pottery wheel in my studio

because I suck at it lmaooo.

I can still make simple designs......xD

Very beautiful....!!

My other investment is still on the process. It will be ready in 3-4 weeks to bring it home.

I can't wait to make something awesome.!!!!!


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