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Updated: Dec 31, 2019

Let me start off this post with my pet sparrow, Chili.

She's a wild sparrow I raised since she was a baby because it was impossible for her to survive in nature with her feather problem.

And now she became an adult sparrow.

She takes water bath on her own and splashes water all over my room by flapping her wings.

In this picture, Chili is all soaked in water and pooped on my floor.

Here's the video when I found Chili:

I started taking out all the styrofoam from every part.

To be honest, I did it a week ago, but I didn't write a post right away.

Just letting you know, I never have said: "Why would I write a post because of a couple of pictures?"

and was never procrastinated. ;D lol

I had to give them some time to dry the inside.

Took about two weeks for them to get fully dried.

I attached all the split pieces together.

I decided to make hands and feet while they are drying.

I'm a hard-working woman.

decided to make hands and feet with Sculpey.

I don't think I can make them with the air dry clay and add all those small details.

This is the result of my effort and hardworking for several hours.

This one hand took me almost half a day.

She's gonna be a doll that has the most pretty hands among the other old dolls I made.

Feet became super delicate just like hands I made.

Making hands and feet symmetrical is the hardest part of doll making, in my opinion, except making face part.

They must be the same size and the same length.




I am so satisfied!

I added fingernails on each finger

and I thought my eyeballs were about to pop out.

My eyes were concentrated so much to make this tiny parts.

That eyeball pain gave me a headache the next day. :'(

I had to rest all day because this headache was so bad.

I hope she will stand perfectly with these feet!

It's time to bake them in the oven!!

Just letting you know, I burnt everything I made in this oven.

I'm the master of burning w.e. I make.

Please don't burn this time..!

If they burn, I'll prolly go kill myself lol.

I spent almost two days just on these parts.

They are being baked atm.

I'm writing this post while I'm baking them.

Took me 30min to raise the temperature very carefully.

Right now I'm keeping my eyes on this oven and the thermometer.

I'm gonna stop writing this post now.

My next post will show the destiny of these little pieces lol.

Omg please don't burn -cries-

This is a tutorial video that shows how to make a bowl for your tiny pets.

I made Kirby's maxim tomato bowl for my hamster, Taco lol. xD!


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