Almond went to hospital

Updated: Feb 23, 2020

On July 8, the hottest day of the year, Almond had the struggle to sleep for the whole day.

She constantly changed her sleeping spot.

7월 8일 엄청난 더위가 있던날,

아몬드는 하루종일 잠을 설쳤음.

보통 낮에 한자리에서 깊은 밤잠자고 밤되면 일어나는데,

이날따라 잠을 못자고 이곳저곳 잠자리 바꿔가며 잠자려고 노력함.

I thought it's not a big of a deal because she already has an experience of severely hot days last year.

She was fine with it.

본인은 이게 별거 아니라 생각함. 왜냐하면 아무리 더워도 작년엔 아몬드가 잘 견뎌줬었음.

However, something has gone wrong and her health got really bad.

She started not eating as much as she used to.

She fell asleep every 5min, even at night which is her most active time of the day.

근데 이번은 심각함. 아몬드의 건강이 하루만에 나빠짐..

잘만 먹고 자고 놀았던 아이가 밥을 안먹기 시작함.

5분 간격으로 꾸벅꾸벅 졸음.

Like in the vid above, she never fell asleep in the middle of something.

She got skinnier and I found she also got an eye infection.

She was breathing heavier than usual.