Good Bye, Almond

Updated: Feb 23, 2020

After she came back from the hospital, it seemed she was recovering

because she was being very active and started eating something.

병원에 다녀온 후 아몬드의 기력이 많이 회복됨.

뭔가 좀 더 기운도 차리고 밥도 먹기 시작했음.

This video was taken right before her illness got worse.

She was greeting me with passion as soon as she saw me although she was still sick and hungry :(

아몬드의 병이 심각해 지기 바로 전 찍은 영상..

아직도 아프고 먹지못해서 배고플텐데

본인을 보자마자 저렇게 힘차게 반겨줌...ㅠㅠㅠㅠ

About two weeks after getting an emergency service,

I found her laying on the floor, breathing heavily.

I had to take her to the vet right away again.

Some strange smell was coming out from her body.

The doctor I met this time was super nice and gently took care of Almond.

After a few minutes of examination, the vet spoke to me with a serious face.

He told me that I need to get ready to let her go...

I asked him several times if there's any way she can survive from this illness.

I didn't want to let her go :(

As soon as he said that she won't be able to make it,

so many tears came out from my eyes for about 30min :(

When I came out of the examination room, I went to the front to pay the bill.

This one guy who brought a cat with him slowly approached me and said

"Hey, what you got there in the little box??"

He looked at Almond and then started laughing at me saying

"Ahahaha A hamster? You really came here just for that thing?"


What's wrong with it?? What's so funny about it?

How could you say such a bs if you are also a pet owner?

She's tiny, but that doesn't mean she has no right to be treated by a vet when she's sick.

Almond has such a small body, but she was a very smart and nice girl.

To me, Almond was my pet and also a friend of mine.

I hope your fking cat gets the same diseases that Almond has.

병원 다녀온지 2주만에 다시 증세가 너무 악화됨.