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Alo-E, The House Plant

Updated: Feb 23, 2020

This is the aloe vera I got for my BF to decorate his gloomy room.

Our original plan was to grow it and eat it when it becomes big enough lol, but it never grew any taller.

It's becoming a tentacle monster :(

We named it "Alo-E" xD!!

Anyways, I decided to paint Alo-E to celebrate our happiness.

본인이 칙칙한 남친의 방을 화사하게 꾸며주기 위해 알로애를 구입함.

본래 목적은 크게 자라나면 잡아먹으려고 했으나 커지지 않은 관계로 아직 실천하지못함.

그냥 잎만 많은 몬스터가 되어버림.

아, 이녀석의 이름은 '알로이'라 지어줌.

우리의 행복을 위해 알로이를 유화로 그려봄.

This is my second painting ever since I graduated from college.

I thought this painting would take a short period of time because of the size,,,

but it took longer than I expected.

본인이 졸업한 후 두번째로 그린 유화임.

캔버스가 꽤 작아 금방 그릴 줄 알았으나,

예상외로 꽤 오래거림 ;ㅁ;..

Those leaves were so complicated and i got confused Dx!!!

잎파리가 너무 나도 복잡하게 나있어서 헷갈림 ㅠ..

This took me almost a month....o_e

Well, I got distracted a little,, like always.

거의 한달이 걸림.

머, 귀차니즘에 걸리기도 했었지만, 머, 그냥,,머,,

And here's the video of the whole process.

It took me forever to edit this video because each video I recorded was super long and there were so many small stuff to cut out..

작품 그리는동안 찍은 동영상..

녹화한 영상 하나하나 너무 심각하게 길어 편집하는데 너무 오래걸림 ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ


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