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Planting Seeds

I gave my BF some spice seeds.

He brought some mason jars and put some small rocks at the bottom

and some dirt.

And then he planted seeds.

남친에게 씨앗을 줌.

어디서 병을 들고와서는 돌쪼가리 넣고 흙넣고

씨앗을 심음.

He was super excited about growing spices and

eat them all lol.

그는 얘네를 키워서 먹을 생각에

매우 익사이팅 해져있었음.

He brought all the lights in the room to seeds lol.

방에 있는 램프 다 가져다 씨앗에게 줌 ㅋㅋㅋ

All seeds sprouted and they are growing up so well!!

모든 씨앗이 터서 새싹됨.

그리고 엄청 자라나고있음!


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