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New Kiln Shelves Arrived!

I bought the kiln furniture kit and it includes 1 full shelf, 1 half shelf, 3 posts of each 1", 2", 3", 4", 5", and 6".

These shelves look so tiny but this is how small the kiln is lol.

Very very tiny compare to other kiln shelves I've been dealing with at the school and the art studio where I used to work at.

I'm ordered another full shelf, but I'm thinking of ordering a couple more since I'm making tiny stuff.

I also had to order 1 of each post because the furniture kit only comes with 3 posts for each size =_=...

You need 4 posts to use the full size shelf.... -sigh-

Ready to coat them with the kiln wash!!

I remember when I had to clean furniture shelves and then kiln wash them for over 3 hours when I worked at the art studio. I had to do it outside on a melting hot summer day... It was like hell lol.

Only small amount of kiln wash is needed.

The consistency should be some creamy milk.

And it is neatly coated with the kiln wash!

I'm also making some tiles with porcelain clay for the color testing. Since I got new porcelain paints, I wanna see how each color comes out after firing.

And, of course, they warped lol.

Here's a picture of Chili xD! She came to say good morning :D


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