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Hamster Restaurant

Updated: Dec 31, 2019

Finally it's happening!

I've been planning this hamster restaurant project since last year but I was pushing it off until now because I didn't want to start this huge project lol. It seemed like a huge project lol.

So, I was gonna fire these little pieces and the hamster table in my new kiln.

However, the power outlets in my house did not match the requirement for the new kiln although the manual says 'it's perfect for any household outlet.'

I just let them dry and painted them with acrylic paints.

Setting up the stage was kinda fun.

Man, those papers for the wall and the floor was so expansive ~_~.

I think each piece was around $6.


I think I did great job on it xD!

I love the color matching and the distribution !

The composition is also very balanced, in my eyes.

Ahhh SO NEAT!!

I had to concentrate on it so much to not make any mistake on this tiny board.

I wish I could fire this plate for the higher quality, but I guess this also works well.

The gourmet tomato spaghetti for my hamster, Taco.

I bet no one would cook legit food like this for a hamster lol.

Taco is ready to order his food!

And here is a video for the process of 'tomato spaghetti for hamsters.'


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