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Pineapple Hamster House For Sale!?

Remember the Spongebob's Pineapple hamster house!? Guess what???? It's coming back for sale!

I'm currently re-making the whole thing to fire it in kiln. The clay body will be fired in a high temperature for 13 hours, up to 1940 Fahrenheit degrees, so it will be very sturdy and unbreakable for those big chewers lol. It will be glazed twice in the kiln, so the color won't fade away!

Since my kiln is too small (I can handle only 1-2 houses -cries-) and it is handmade from scratch, there will be a limit to the number. That means you gotta be very fast to place an order as soon as I put it up on sale lol. I'll be posting updates on the pineapple house.

I started making one since yesterday. I might have to make a mold to produce it faster..!


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