How To Make Cottle Boards For Plaster Mold Making

Since I'm gonna make a lot of plaster mold for the hamster houses I make, I decided to build some cottle boards!

I bought these wood planks from Home Depot. It was very cheap!

First of all, you need to sand down all the edges of the wood planks.

They are very sharp and rough. you will get hurt from it D;

Use the large grid sandpaper to smooth down any sharp/rough edges!

Don't forget the each corner, too!

Before you begin the process, make sure you wear a mask to protect yourself from a lung cancer if you don't have a dust control vent!

All you need to make the cottle boards is these stuff in the picture lol.

Some clamps, wood glue, nails, and a hammer!

I'm using the wood glue to make it stronger.

I've seen many people skip this part, but I'm just using it to make them more sturdy and last longer.

I placed them on the floor to attach them without being crooked.

I want that exact 90 degree angle!

I clamped all the way to the side, so I could nail them together.

I nailed it like a pro.