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First Porcelain Bisque Firing

I was so nervous and exciting at the same time!!

This is actually my very first time firing porcelain clay!!

My kiln can handle cone 6, which is the max temperature for my kiln, which is perfect!

I'm using this cone 6 porcelain clay.

I took this pic when the kiln was half way there.

Over 27 hours of waiting and I was finally able to check my bisquewares!

And I saw my testing tiles all sticked together lol

I tried to save some spaces and this happened.

I was very sad.

Although it was testing fire, I lost 5 tiles out of 6 .

Nvm, I used a sharp tool and I was able to detach them!

Yayyy I saved my tiles!

And here's some shrinkage testing stuff.

They shrunk A LOT!!

Very impressive!

Now I can estimate how much they shrink during the firing.


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