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Working On The Pooh Bear House / Theme cage

I've been working on the Pooh Bear hamster house since two weeks ago.

The main house is done. This is the picture when I finished making it.

Now it's all sanded and its surface is very smooth now.

I learned lesson from this sanding progress.

Even though I have the dust collector/ventilation, I need to wear a mask when I'm sanding.

I felt like getting a lung cancer after sanding it.

This is a decoration for the Pooh house. I will attach this with glue after glazing them

This is hambee, a decoration for the beehive bowl (I forgot to take pic of it).

I think this is very cute.

I'm planning to make more of this for the SAK-SOON jewelry collection.

I also tried to make a wood log food bowl stand.

I'm using this non-drying modeling clay as a support.

I made a big mistake.

I totally forgot to cover it with plastic wrap or damped paper towels so it doesn't get stuck on the clay.

Took me a couple hours to finish...

And here's where the problem starts....

I had to scrape off the modeling clay off from the greenware.


It's so fragile and I had to do it very slowly.

-cries inside 😭-

Of course.

I'm just gonna fire it in the kiln and use plaster to attach them together.

I'm also planning to make mold of it to make copies.

Happy birthday to me!

It was my birthday two days ago!!

I had a lot of fun time for the past two days with my good friends 😄💕


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