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First Bisque Firing With My New Kiln

Made two of these kiln stilts for my jewelry creation!

I thought it's kinda small, but It perfectly fits in my new tiny kiln lol.

My kiln is that tiny.

I don't think I can make anything bigger than this ....

So neat!

My first stilt looks just perfect!!

My mom broke one of these while it was in the bone-drying process.

She placed something on top of it lol.

Oh well ~_~

12 hours of bisque firing...

and it was SUCCESS!!

I'm so happy nothing cracked during the firing.

My color testing tile :3

I'm gonna mix some underglaze and apply on it to see how they look like after firing.

This is all for the first load.

I couldn't add anything else.

My tiny kiln is that tiny lol.

Doing some sample colors

And experimenting mixed colors.

My cute little pet house sparrow Chili the potato xD!! 💗🐤


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