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Hamster Pineapple House / Egg House Update 1

Making the pineapple house from scratch all over again!

I'm trying to make it better than the previous one since it's gonna be the prototype for the pineapple house mold!

The surface is more smooth and pretty much very even on every side!

I'm gonna make separated mold for these attachments because making a mold is very complicated and I wanna try to make it simple.

I'm gonna make copies of individual part and attach them later on.

Meanwhile, I worked on the egg house mold!

The round one finally came out from the kiln and it's nicely fired.

It has some rough surface but I will work on the smoothing the surface after making copies s

Oh no, vertical picture.

I can't rotate it on this editor lol.

Anyways, it's the first time using my new cottle boards!

Looks so neat!

I didn't make enough plaster lol.

It looks very ugly but it still works. Haha;

Say hello to Taco!

He can't wait to use his new hamster house!

I'm gonna make an egg house for Taco, too!

Here's my new bowl for ramen noodle lol.

It's so ready to get fired in the kiln!

And here's the egg house mold!!!


i gotta let it dry completely for several days.

Maybe a week.

I feel like it's gonna take longer than my expectation because it's very humid these days due to the thunder storm/ constant rain.

I had a struggle with taking the round bowl out from the mold because it was so tight and I was afraid that it wouldn't come out.

I'm glad I took it out without damaging the mold!


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