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Hamster Pineapple House / Egg House Update 2

Updated: Feb 23, 2020

I'm sorry for not updating often..!!

I've been working on these houses but didn't have enough time to write blog posts.

You will be able to see constant updates more on my Instagram.

While I was working on the pineapple house and the egg house,

I was also making the mold for the Pooh bear house at the same time!!

Omg working on 3 houses at once is a pain in the butt lol.

Looks so neat!

Getting ready to make a bunch of plaster molds!

Plaster poured into the frame and getting hardened.

The one on the left is the new house I'm working on.

I will tell you more details about this one!

The slip is poured in and I'm waiting for it to get dried..!

I was very nervous but excited at the same time!!

And... VOILA!!!

It came right off when it was ready!!

I had to trim some edges and smooth out the surface and it was all good!

The egg house has been bisque fired and ready to be glazed!

I'm using some glaze that I haven't used before.

I bought these new colors because they were so beautiful.

For the egg white part, I used white underglaze to make it whiter and then covered it with the clear glaze.

Doing some color testing with new glaze and underglaze.

I love playing with beautiful colors!

Goodbye, egg house, for 16hours!


They are perfect!!!!

Egg house came out the way I expected and the bowl on the right is just so pretty!!

I'm gonna eat ramen noodles in this new bowl lol.

I'm so happy!!!!

And here's Chili.

She's in a mood right now.

She's the prettiest house sparrow in the world!!

Okay and here's what's going on with the pineapple house!

I'm a little behind with the pineapple house because I was more focused on the Pooh bear house for the new fall-themed cage setup.

These are pictures that I haven't posted up on my Instagram.

And this is what happened after assembling those small parts!

It looks soooooo neat!!

Way better than the original one I made for Taco a while ago.

Can't wait to color it!


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