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Pooh Bear House

Updated: Feb 23, 2020

I don't remember where I stopped from the last blog post for the Pooh Bear House,

but here is what I have..!

So, I made a mold for this ladder and the house (in the background).

I was so ready to go!

The house is 4parts mold, so it took me a longer time than other molds.

My logo -blushing-

The house came out from the mold very nicely and I took a couple of photos afterward,

which I think I deleted by accident.

It looks professional with this logo on it xD!

I was working on it with the egg house.

I was very proud of myself lol.

Goodbye, Pooh bear house for the next 24hours..!

After it came out from the bisque firing, I used underglaze to color it.

Everything is done and putting them back into the kiln.

16 hours later..

Time to apply the clear glaze to make them shiny!

I'm using a new clear glaze and I'm worried about the result.

Everything is all covered in clear glaze and ready to be fired!

It was the most stressful time I've ever had for so long.

I had to put the individual thing on top of a stilt,

and they kept falling off from the stilt.




omg no dripping, no smudging, no bumpy spots

It's just perfect -cries really hard-

I love this result!

I just ... omg... I'm so happy with this new glaze I got lol.

everything is so pretty.

I also attached the pooh bear on the house.

I painted it with just acrylic paint and then varnished it.

I feel like I should have had it glazed too.

Well, next time I'll glaze it as well.

This tiny bowl is just so adorable..!!!

I'm in love with this bowl lol.


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