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Pooh Bear House

Updated: Feb 23, 2020

I don't remember where I stopped from the last blog post for the Pooh Bear House,

but here is what I have..!

So, I made a mold for this ladder and the house (in the background).

I was so ready to go!

The house is 4parts mold, so it took me a longer time than other molds.

My logo -blushing-

The house came out from the mold very nicely and I took a couple of photos afterward,

which I think I deleted by accident.

It looks professional with this logo on it xD!

I was working on it with the egg house.

I was very proud of myself lol.

Goodbye, Pooh bear house for the next 24hours..!

After it came out from the bisque firing, I used underglaze to color it.

Everything is done and putting them back into the kiln.

16 hours later..

Time to apply the clear glaze to make them shiny!