The Unicorn House For Hamsters 1

Updated: Feb 23, 2020

This is how I always start with to make a hideout.

I make a bowl shape first on the wheel.

It's so fun to work on the wheel, but ever since I got into the car accident, my spine can't handle it for more than an hour.

The therapist actually made my spine worse =_=..


I flipped the bowl and trimmed the bottom part, which is the top part of the house now!

Trimming is my favorite part.

It's just so fun

So kool and satisfying!

This is what happened to me recently.

The car accident was in June but I decided to get surgery in October.

I thought my ankle would get better as time goes, but it was actually getting worse.

The doctor said there was something that's not supposed to be, so he scraped it off.

I felt so miserable lol.

My left leg and foot are very swollen.