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DIY hamster snack: How To Make A Kiwi Cake For Hamsters

Updated: Feb 23, 2020

Hey, guys!

Thank you for checking out this blog post!

I am here to give you guys the recipe for the kiwi cake for hamsters!

This is a great snack for hamsters once a while.

This is actually the first time for Taco trying out kiwi and seems like he loves it!

Here's what you need:

The very bottom brown part:

-Egg yolk 1/2 tsp

-Milk 1/2 tsp

-Peanut butter 1/16 tsp

-Wheat gluten 1/23 tsp

-wheat flour 1/2 tsp

-A drop of glycerin

White part:

-egg white 2 tsp

-Greek yogurt 1/4 tsp

-Cake Flour 1 tsp

-Sugar 2 tiny pinch

Kiwi jelly on top of the cake:

-Gelatin 1/8 tsp

-A little bit of water

Please excuse this low-quality screenshots lol. I forgot to take pictures with my camera, so I had to capture the important parts to explain.

First of all, separate the egg yolk and egg white in different bowls.

Make sure there's no egg yolk in egg white AT ALL, or it won't become foamy when you whisk it.

Transfer 1/2 tsp of egg yolk into a different bowl.

I'm using a small saucer plate.

Add a tiny drop of vegetable glycerin.

This natural sweetener gives a hint of sweetness to the cake.

Do not add more than a tiny drop!

Check out the video description! I left a link there where you can purchase it!

Mix it thoroughly.

Add wheat flour and wheat gluten.

Wheat gluten provides good enough protein for hamsters!

And then add milk and peanut butter.

Mix it well until it becomes a goo-y substance.

Transfer the bottom part of the cake into the tiny cake pan.

I made it with the cooking foil. I was gonna add 'how to make a cake pan' in the video, but then I decided to delete it because the video was getting way too long lol.

I'll upload how to make it if I ever get a request.

Gently tap the pan to get rid of any air pockets or bubbles inside.

Here's the white part of the cake.

Before you measure and transfer the egg white, whisk it a little with a fork to break it down.

It's really hard to use the measuring spoons to measure those big chunks of egg white.

It becomes watery and liquidy.

Whisk the egg with either a fork or a whisk.

If you have a hand mixer, use it.

I was just demonstrating with the whisk to show you guys that it's possible to make it foamy by hand.

It takes FOREVER but it works.

You need to be very patient lol.

Once it becomes white and foamy, add a very small tiny pinch of sugar and whisk again.

If it becomes very cloudy and creates the pointy spot when you lift the whisk, it's ready to add another pinch of sugar and whisk a little bit more to melt it.

Make sure you add a very very tiny pinch of sugar each time.

It's only to give it some flavor.

Hamsters wouldn't eat anything that's not tasty or no flavor lol.

It's time to add some Greek yogurt.

I highly recommend nonfat yogurt with the original flavor.

Those fruity ones contain too much sugar for hamsters.

After you mix the yogurt into the egg white, add the cake flour.

Do not get confused with the cake mixer!

Cake mixers have A LOT of sugar and other stuff that I wouldn't use for hamster snacks.

Mix it well with a fork until you don't see any powder.

Do it very slowly to maintain the foam.

Sprinkle a little bit of wheat flour on the top of the egg yolk mix.

It helps to separate the layer.

Then add the egg white mixture on top of it.

Tap the pan lightly again to get rid of any air bubbles.

Preheat the oven to 300F,

when it reaches 300F, turn down the heat to 250f, put the cake pan into the oven, and bake for 20min.

Once it's baked, carefully remove the foil.

Nicely baked!!!


Cut the top part to make it look smooth.

This is so neat xD!

I used 1/8 tsp of gelatin for the very top part of the cake.

You need only a tiny bit of water to let it soak and become like a strong jelly lol.

I actually used too much water in the video, so it was too watery.

Slice a kiwi into tiny pieces.

Use a blender to make them all mushy.

It's hard to blend with a small portion.

I recommend you to put the whole kiwi and blend it.

Use a small portion for the cake, and the rest of them for your healthy shake! lol.

Mix the gelatin and kiwi together on a glass of hot water.

I poured boiling water on a tiny sauce bowl and then placed the plate with the kiwi and gelatin mixture on top of it.

The hot steam melts the gelatin and helps it to get mixed with kiwi thoroughly.

Carefully transfer it to the cake.

Let it cool in the refrigerator for a couple of hours!

Since it's wintertime, I took it out from the refrigerator about an hour before I handed it to Taco.

Once the jelly hardens, it shouldn't be deformed even when it's at room temperature.

I kinda failed on mine because I accidentally added some water into the kiwi and gelatin mixture -cries-

but as long as Taco likes it, it's okay lol.

And here are some pics of Taco eating the kiwi cake xD!


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