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Abstraction and Angles

Updated: Feb 23, 2020

I shot over 400 pictures during the past 2 weeks for this project. All pictures are taken in manual exposure and manual focus. Most pictures are abstraction; a small part of an object is shown on each image. To make abstract pictures, I had to zoom in an object and take pictures from different angles. I took pictures by looking up or down with various positions. In order to produce a diptych, I paired pictures to make one image that compares and contrasts the scene. I considered a comparison of scale, color, balance, or line and shape.

I took pictures in a Chinese restaurant, a playground, my house, the school, and the neighborhood. I focussed on choosing pictures that are taken in the Chinese restaurant because there were so many interesting objects and patterns.

The left picture was taken at the Chinese restaurant. I had to look up from the far distance and tried to line up those red balls that are hanging on the ceiling. The picture on the right side was taken at the playground. I climbed up the top of the slide and looked down to take a picture of the ladder. the straight lines are connecting both images. Red balls and silver hooks are drawing attention on both sides.

The top picture was taken at the house. It was placed up high on the wall so I had to look up to take a picture of the clock. The bottom picture was at the Chinese restaurant. It was a basket on a table and I had to look down by standing on a chair. Both images is showing a quarter of a circle and they are creating half of a circle by connecting together. The color of both images is brownish yellow which makes images more connected.

The left picture was taken at the playground. It was easy to take a picture because it was on my eye-level. The one on the right was taken at the Chinese restaurant. I had to kneel down and looked down at the meter. Both images is showing a big circle at the bottom part and a small circle at the top. There is a small blue part on the right picture which looks like it is connected to the one on the left.

The first diptych is the most successful one among these three diptychs. The composition and objects that are taken look unique, yet they are very balanced. It makes the eyes move around in the same direction.

The least diptych is the second one. They are balanced and the color is connecting to each other, but it looks too simple for me.


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