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Llama(or Alpaca) Mug / Plant Pot Making

SAK-SOON Llama cup design

I drew this design a few months ago. I had some requests for the llama cup I sold last year but it's been retired. So I decided to make a better and cuter design with the new technique I obtained!

Here's the beginning of the process. Wheel throwing is always fun and interesting.

This is the prototype for the llama mug. I'll be posting a video of this whole process once it's finished. I love this face lol. It's so darn cute!

The front body part is very thick and heavy, so it took a while to get this to the bone-dry stage.

House Sparrow Chili

Me waiting for the llama cup to dry.

This is how I spend time with my bird Chili every day. She's very cuddly (or lazy), so when I'm resting or taking a nap, she comes to me and rests together.

Unfortunately, even after a long wait for the bone-dry process, the body part exploded in the kiln. I did not take a picture of the disaster because it would only hurt my heart.

But it's okay! I was able to glue all the pieces together and it's perfectly fine to use it as the prototype for the plaster mold.

This is gonna be the handle.

It has a lot of undercuts that I didn't realize when I was making it. I tried to cover up all the undercuts with modeling clay...

The one on the right is for the other mug that I'm working on along with this llama cup.

You will see it in the next post!

It seemed okay...

But these undercuts that I didn't see ruined the mold.

It's still usable, but not that beautiful for me to like it.

Oh well...

The llama cup mold came out pretty nice.

The last part of the mold was a little disappointing, but again, it's usable lol.

SAK-SOON'S photo of the moon

I saw an article that says #SamsungGalaxyS22 phone can take great pictures of the moon, so I went outside in my bare feet and took this photo to check out the awesomeness of my ultimate phone.

I was AMAZED that how it's not just a blop of light and actually able to show all the details of the moon!

On the last day of mold making, I went out to get some delicious takeout food to celebrate myself lol.

Yes, I ate nachos with chopsticks. I'm Asian.

Finally done with making the llama(or alpaca) cup plaster mold!

Looks nice and neat ;D

The moment of truth! The slip has been poured into the mold and waiting for it to dry enough to take out!

VERY NICE! I still had to carve out the patterns on the side but that's not a probllama!

This is for the flower pot!

The handle came out pretty nice as well. I was so afraid that it would just explode in the kiln because there might be some air gaps inside of the handle.

I just made four of these for now because my kiln is gonna be too full D; I'll be making more for the next load.

And I still couldn't get these two llamas(or alpacas) to fit in my tiny axx kiln -teardrops-.

Welp, now I know what I want for my next Christmas gift lol.

OHHHHH SHHHHTTTT nothing in the kiln exploded!


All handles were attached very nicely! I'm super excited and happy about it!!! Can't wait to work on these with glaze and decorate them!

-to be continued in the next post-


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