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Chicken House & Commission Work

Updated: Jan 6, 2021

Idk why, I was feeling in making a chicken hideout for small animals.

Looks pretty neat!

Meanwhile, I got a couple orders and a commission order.

So I was working everything at the same time!

My spine was crying for the whole day.

The customer wanted something for her aquarium in bumblebee themed for her little cute bumblebee fish :D

I can imagine a tiny bumblebee fish swimming around the artworks I made <3

I spent a longgg time on the small one but It was way to small for what she asked lol.

I had to make another one and it came out the right size.

Hello, back pain.

This is the picture before they were fired.

Everything was so white and smooth after the firing.

That cute little hamster is for my subscriber who ordered the honey bowl all the way from Australia.

So nice!!!

They all came out great!

I was worried about the yellow colors because I made those colors by mixing two different glazes and had no idea how the result was gonna come out.

Looks so honey-ish!

I'm very satisfied with the result!

I hope the customer is happy with it :D


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