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China Painting Test

Updated: Jan 6, 2021

I ordered more colors before I start the color testing.

The powder is in these little cute vintage vials!

I feel like I'm a witch every time I open these vials to mix magical colors.

This is my first time using this paint. I had a struggle with the ratio of the powder and the oil. It was too runny in the beginning, but I started getting the idea of how to make it to the paste consistency.

This one fun until the first row.

I got tired of doing repeated processes lol.

I drew lines with a regular pencil. It will burn off when it's in the kiln.

Finally, used all the colors I have!

These won't dry up because it's oil-based.

I just need to cover these with the plastic wrap.

The first layer is done.

half of these are gonna be fired at cone 019 and the other half at cone 018.

And I did this 6 times total lol.

All finished!!

Yay! It's time to compare the colors on each tile!

I did gold luster on the right-hand corner.

Overall, I think I like the ones that were fired at cone 019.

This one is painted on no glaze surface.

Everything including the gold luster came out matt.

I think I like cone018 for this white glazed surface.

This is Pepper. He's the new hammy I adopted.

And like always, Chili was with me the whole time I was doing the color testing.

She's like a fuzzy little ball lol.


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