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Experimental Capture

Updated: Feb 23, 2020

For this project, I had to work with the scanner to bring 2D and 3D subject matter into the compositions. I worked on Photoshop to combine images to make one design of “Social Change.” My topic for this project is “Global Warming.” The previous topic of Social Change was “Obesity” but then I also wanted to talk about global warming.

This piece is showing the North and South Pole in the upper part of the sand clock. Underneath it, there is the earth. The light bulb is connected to the earth and it is showing that energy from earth has been overused, so the light bulb getting hot until it starts getting melted. The glacier is also melting down by the hot lightbulb. Overall, it is showing how overusing energy is threatening the environment and our lives.

The items I scanned mostly have the common meaning; people can easily tell what each image is showing just by looking at its feature. Combining images may change meaning. However, I tried to keep the meaning as it is.

The very first thing I did for this project was brainstorming and sketching the idea. And then I tried to look for images that I need for my design. I was able to find images I want easily because my little brother has a lot of books with pictures. I also scanned a cord for the 3D subject. I separated a certain part, or figure, from the image I scanned. During this process, I mostly used Magic Wand Tool and Lasso Tool and made an outline around the figure. After I get all the images, I combined them all together on a 10.75″x16″ page with multiple layers. When it was all done, I had to flatten the image and print out on a piece of Luster paper.

During all this process, I didn’t know that I started on 36bit and I couldn’t use many functions on photoshop. I learned that I can use all functions on 16bit or 8bit.

It wasn’t hard to show the message without a word. I tried to make it as simple as possible so anyone can understand what the piece is trying to talk about. It was a very interesting project and I learned new techniques and how to use tools on photoshop.


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