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Finalizing The Poop House

Updated: Jan 6, 2021

As soon as the prototype came out from the kiln, I started making the mold.

I also had to make a pineapple house at the same time because of another order.

Making two houses at once saves a lot of time!

I was afraid that the wings will fall off, but they stayed in the place.

It was pretty sturdy when it dried fully.

I'm getting sleepy.

I was being distracted was looking for some Asian chocolate snackies on Amazon.

And then I got sleepy all of a sudden.

I gotta finish this post asap.

And here's the customer's house!

Looks very neat!

It's a lot better than my previous ones.

I feel like I should have used pink instead of the poop color lol.

This is not bad, but it's not the color I wanted.

I shouldn't listen to my bf who told me to use the poop color.

These are choices that customer can pick for the poop house xD!

It was SC46 that I used on my poop house as the main color but added a little bit of SC23 to give it more depth lol.

Okay, I'm going to take a nap now!

good night everyone.

And the pineapple house for the new order is now completed!

I think this one is the best I made so far. I spent extra time to put on extra layers of glaze and it looks very solid and neat!


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