How To Keep The Oil Clay/ Sculpting Clay Soft

Updated: Jan 6

Are you tired of kneading the oil-based(sculpting) clay until it gets soft before you work on something?


I think it's a waste of time especially when it's rock hard and it makes me NOT want to use it.

Today, I'm gonna show you my strategy to keep it soft and warm without kneading it.

For this project, you will need a shoebox(any box with a lid works), heavy-duty aluminum foil, a utility knife (or x-acto knife), spray glue (heavy-duty hi-temp), and a heat lamp.

First of all, place the lamp on the lid and draw along the edge.

Then you draw another circle that's half-inch smaller and cut the small circle.

This way you can place the lamp on top of it.

If you make the circle smaller than this, the heat lamp might burn the lid.

Then spray glue the inside the box.

Idk why my spray glue does this lol.

It doesn't spray properly.

It looks like a small amount of liquid squirt out.

Oh well, it still works.