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Making A Two-Part Plaster Mold (for Kaonashi Hideout)

I'm gonna try a different way to make a plaster mold.

Instead of using the cottle boards, I decided to use regular wooden boards.

I bought a longgggg wooden board and cut them into different sizes.

Then I sanded all the edges to smooth them down.

Like this lol.

After sanding them, I sprayed the waterproof coating on both sides. I did it in the house and I got yelled at by family so much that night lol. And because I didn't wear any mask, I felt some toxic stuff in my lungs. The next day, I had a huge headache and felt like vomiting.

Yes, I learned my lesson. Do not spray anything indoor without wearing a mask lol.

I used rubber bands and a strap to secure the board and it works great!

Here's the link to the place where I bought the strap:

This works great for holding mold pieces.

This is so neat!

It's time to pour some plaster!

Here's how to calculate the amount of water and plaster you need:

length x width x height (inches) x 0.025 = Amount of water you need (pound)

Water(pound) x 1.5 = Amount of plaster you need (Pound)

And it's also very important to wait until it becomes heavy cream consistency.

I'm not patient enough and I always pour it even when it's still watery.

And then I see disaster and regret every time I do this.

Make sure to coat the board with a waterproof spray.

I did it without spraying them once and they warped :(.

One side came out very very nice!

It's so beautiful.

Then I drilled holes for the keys.

And gave the Kaonashi face for the other side of the mold.

I didn't wait till the plaster becomes cream consistency,,, again..!

I had some leak problem but it's okay.

Just beautiful!!!

I carved out one part for the pouring.

I realized I need this because I make a big mess when I pour out slips from the mold.

Idk why the color is different.

But still works perfectly!

I can't wait to use this mold!

I'm gonna be mass-producing Kaonashi hideout!



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