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Minnie Mouse Hideout Process

I made this prototype on April 5th and couldn't make the plaster mold for a long time because...

I have a lot of things to work on at the same time Dx.

I was trying the best to keep everything stocked on my Etsy shop but I failed my job. Things are just sold out so quickly and I couldn't catch up the speed lol.

Also I was working on these cubone skulls on the side. I'm gonna make a process video on it soon.

The ones I made are sold out already. I just can't make any more until I work on the master mold since the plaster mold of it is breaking apart already.

I made a mistake during the plaster mold making and there was a slight crack on the mold. Now a big chunk of it is about to fall off. So, I'm afraid to use it lol.

So, this cubone is not gonna be up on the shop until I work on the master mold.

And finally,

the Minnie Mouse hide mold was finished on last Saturday, June 11, and I was waiting for it to dry for about a week.

Here's the very first hide that's gonna be on sale! YAY!

I really can't wait to see the final product. This one is gonna be so cute!

And here's Chili, sitting on her favorite plush in the room ;D


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