Pineapple House For Hamster

Updated: Dec 31, 2019

I heard the SnakShak(the hamster house I've been using) is really harmful for hamsters,

so I decided to build a house for my hammy.

Check out the process video at the bottom!

I totally forgot to take a picture because I was busy recording it lol.

This took me a longggg time Dx

However, I felt so great after I finish making it!

Here is the process video!

This is the owner of the pineapple house, Taco.

It looks super awesome in the cage!!

Took a picture in front of the new house xD!

Take pictures of me! I'm more important! -says Taco

Took a picture next to the house

Striking pose

Last but not least, took a pic to celebrate for getting a new house!

Here are links to art supplies where I got :

Clay - https://goo.gl/T1HGVB

Paint - https://goo.gl/ctfrxt

Gesso - https://goo.gl/enrKvx

Acrylic Varnish - https://goo.gl/inp8Pe

Epoxy - https://goo.gl/mD7WVe

#hobby #ceramic #clay #Taco

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